For this project, I surveyed on how people use the vending machines on campus and how its UI can be improved. I observed using processes, conducted interviews, created personas and made storyboard to understand the research phase of designing/improving a product.
My Observation
• A looked at the glass for pretty long and bended down to see what was far down at the bottom of the machine. She decided to get the gum at the very last row, and inserted her card but the screen 1 said it was offline. She tried a couple of times and it was still offline. She got a bit annoyed. It finally worked and she’s still kind of pissed.
• B also stared at the prices for pretty long and the selecting system machine didn’t work well for him. He got quite confused but he was okay after he finally got the thing.
• C is really familiar with using the machine and the machine worked well, so it took really short for her. During the process, she was talking about how advanced the vending machines in Pennsylvania are and how poorly-designed this one is.
• D spent pretty short getting the item but she was complaining about how low-tech the
machine looked which made it not seem reliable.
• E hastily inserted the card wrong in the first, but after she noticed the graph on the thingy, she corrected it and finished the rest of the process in a short time.
• F didn’t seem familiar with using vending machines. She didn’t read the graph as well and inserted it wrong for several times. She finally figured it out but was kind of annoyed by how unnoticeable the graph is.
Persons (sketched based on observation & interviews)
Storyboard on Kitty

Kitty’s goal: Get food and go back to work as soon as possible

Kitty gets too tired of working and really needs to get food. However, she has a project due tonight, so she doesn’t want to go all the way to the cafeterias. Extremely desperate, she rushed to the machine as soon as she notices it and immediately decides roughly on what to get. Thus, without paying attention to the instructions on the machine, she inserts her card at once, so she does it again. She then quickly chooses the item because she already has in mind what kind of snacks she wants. Because of the previous mistake, she gets a little more careful this time, so she inputs the number right. She eventually gets the item and leaves.

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