We are a group of Brown students using multi-media techniques to communicate science concepts and discoveries that make science at Brown exciting, surprising, and engaging to scientists as well as non-scientists at all levels. Finished projects are featured on our Youtube channel.
I'm mainly responsible for drawing assets, storyboards and animating. 
Currently I'm working on project:
- Data Visualization

Past project that I've done includes:

Softwares used: Illustrator, After Effects

Opening for Data Visualization: 

"Today, we are bombarded with information that can be true or false, straightforward or ambiguous, so we rely on data and facts to make sense of it all."

My partner and I have finished storyboarding and picking the color palette for Data Visualization. Currently, we are working separately on drawing out the assets and scenes in Illustrator and animating the completed scenes. Above are some scenes and short animation that I've done.

Vector assets for Triple Point and Critical Points

Triple Point and Critical Points is my first project in Scitoons. The video is already finished and out on our Youtube Channel. I worked in a group of three and was mainly working on making assets in Illustrator. Above are some assets that I've drawn. Please check out our video here.

More of my works