This is a group final project for the User Interface and User Experience class that I took in fall 2017. The main task of this project is to design an interface for an emerging startup and finalize the design based on results gained from user tests / in-class critiques over iterations. 
Relationship Hero is a startup we found on YCombinator
Our Approach
After looking at the current website they have and their introduction provided on YCombinator, we summarized the mission of the company in four bullet points:
1. Offer professional & trustworthy advice for people having relationship problems
2. Such is provided through allowing the customers to have private one-on-one conversations with experts
3. Advices are highly tailored to specific situations
4. Objective perspectives from other users are also available for reference

Based on the these points, we made our first design choice - instead of a website which is what they are mainly applying currently, we decided to design our interface in the form of a mobile application, since chatting with people over phone is more intuitive and learning small relationship tips is more effortless. Opening an app from your phone to seek relationship advice feels more natural than going to a website from Safari, and through talking to friends around us, we also confirmed that mobile app is a better platform for people to feel like opening up and comfortably talk about their personal issues.
Our Solution
After we are done with the initial prototype, we made hypotheses on how well our app implements its main tasks and tested it on UserTesting to get feedback from users. 
Eventually, after several iterations of getting critiques and modifying based on feedbacks, we came to our final UI (only for the main pages included in the user flow):
Interactive version can be found here.

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