🤩Hi there! I'm Lisa (Yibing) Wang.
While raised in Beijing, I'm currently a junior studying computer science and visual art at Brown University. As an aspiring creative technologist, I'm interested in both UI/UX design and software building. I believe that design and technology cannot be separate apart, and that, if well-used together, they can lead us to a better world by providing solutions to real life problems.
In my spare time, I draw, eat, and, most importantly, take naps. My favorite dude is Tin Tin, and my favorite girl is Daria. Even though I'm no longer their age, I believe it's never too late for me to learn from them.
Thank you so much for visiting my page! Please feel free to leave a message / find me on social media, I'd love to meet you!

My works can also be found at Google Drive (probably not too up-to-date)